Clinical Exercise (Equipment) Classes

Woopi Physio specialise in providing high standard of Clinical Exercise (EQUIPMENT) classes. Our classes focus on the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall core stability and posture. This enables more balanced, controlled and comfortable whole body movement. Whether its rehabilitation or purely a core strengthening program with a focus on fitness, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

At Woopi Physio we offer a choice of private sessions and small group classes. We offer SMALL classes to ensure you get the attention you need in all our  Clinical Exercise (EQUIPMENT) classes.

It is a requirement that you complete a 1-1 assessment before you attend any of our classes. This is to determine your ability and plan a program for those with experience and if you are new to pilates it will allow give you the basics you need to get started. A 1-1 session is $85.00 it is taken by one of Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology team and will last for 30min. BOOK ONLINE

Our Clinical Exercise (EQUIPMENT) classes, differ in that we have developed a method to ensure each client receives a programme best suited to their prior exercise, experience and needs. Our model allows tailored clinical exercise prescription, consistent practice with defined goals, and structured progression based on regular assessment

We offer a convenient online booking system for all our classes and do check back regularly as our timetable changes often.


CLINICAL EXERCISE (EQUIPMENT) improves core stability to help manage and prevent low back and neck pain, enhances postural control, body awareness and flexibility, helps to reduce the risk of pain or re-injury and strengthens and tones the muscles. Pilates is also a great way to exercise before and after pregnancy.

Clinical Exercise Equipment will benefit:

  • People with neck or back pain
  • Hip, groin, shoulder injuries
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Pre- and Post-natal women
  • People with no pain or injury!


During your assessment we make sure we get an accurate view of your medical history, what your goals are, and how your body performs in a variety of movement tests. This forms the foundation upon which exercise is prescribed, and gives us valid measures to continually reassess as you do sessions within our clinic. Regardless of whether you are recovering from spinal surgery or trying to build better stability to improve your running, your exercise is tailored, graduated and reassessed to ensure you reach your goals. Everyone’s spine is different, so everyone benefits from a detailed assessment and the prescription of an individualised exercise programme.



New regulations since April 1, 2019 are in place for claiming what was previously known as Pilates on your private health.  You can still claim but there are strict guidelines which must be met, please speak to our team for further information 66540237.  Criteria is different for our different instructors, please be aware of this when booking.